This is Event Plugin addon for Seat Plan, With this addon. Anyone can sell ticket with seat plan also.  also different type seat plan different pricing possible and very flexible for seat mapping. here an example

You can design seat plan with number of column and number row. Anyone can keep any row blank or keep empty or write any description of position. seat size can be bigger and smaller depends on settings and seat type can be assigned for different pricing like VIP, 1st class, 2nd class etc

Different Type seat plan design and color can be changed with settings

Price can set different based on Ticket type. also extra product can sell in seminar like cap, tshirt etc

We have lots of settings available for seat plan customization.

Use Case:   Any kind of Seat plan booking that has fixed time and date. if you need also date and time selection you must have to buy recurring addon with recurring addon you can allow customer to select date and time of event.

  • Seminer booking
  • Billboard Booking
  • Trade fair Position selling
  • Cinema booking ( recurring addon needed)
  • Movie Ticket Selling (Recurring addon need)
  • Beach ambrella possition selling
  • Restuerent Table booking

You can buy this addon from this url: Seat Plan Addon for Event Manager

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