Here is the list of all parameters in the event list shortcode. All these parameters are applicable for this shortcode:

catcategory ID (integer number only) | Default: 0
orgorganizer ID (integer number only) | Default: 0
stylegrid or list or minimal or native or timeline or title or spring or winter | Default: grid
column3 or 4 (integer number only) | Default: 3
cat-filteryes or no | Default: no
org-filteryes or no | Default: no
showNumber of events show (integer number only) | Default: -1 to show all
paginationyes or no or carousal | Default: no
citycity name | Default: null
countrycountry name | Default: null
carousal-navyes or no | Default: no
carousal-dotsyes or no | Default: yes
carousal-idUnique ID (integer number only) | Default: 102448
timeline-modevertical or horizontal | Default: vertical
sortASC or DESC | Default: ASC
statusupcoming or expired | Default: upcoming

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