Event Manager Pro Version Comes with 2 addon

1. Woocommerce Event Manager Addon: Form Builder and

2. Woocommerce Event Manager Addon: PDF Tickets

These 2 addon cover all feature of pro version. We divided pro version with these 2 addon to manage better way. so we have no specific plugin named pro.

To Install WooCommerce Event Manager Addon: Form Builder

Download the plugin zip file from My Account after buying pro version then Go to Plugins -> Add New. Click on the Upload Plugin button. Choose the plugin zip file woocommerce-event-manager-addon-form-builder.zip and click on Install Now button.

To Install Woocommerce Event Manager Addon: PDF Tickets

It is Similar process to install form builder addon in this case just choose the plugin zip file woocommerce-event-manager-pdf-ticket.zip and click on Install Now button.

Once installation done. You will get notice like below

This notice because you need to install another mpdf support addon that you can install easily by clicking install.

It may take some time if you install local server as it’s size is bigger.

Once installation and activation done you can check status menu left sidebar and you will see like this image below

If you see all status looks green that means all done and you are ready to use.

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