Sometimes you may need to change some of the default design or content to your own design, such as if you want to change the icons or add/remove a new class. We have the override feature in the Woocommerce Event Manager plugin. So you can do it easily and very smartly.

For example, you want to change the default icons of the sidebar address list. To do this please follow the process below:

First, go to your theme folder and create a new folder name mage-events, Then enter into this newly created folder. Create another folder into it name it as single

Now go to the plugins/mage-eventpress/templates folder. Copy the location_list.php file. Go back to your theme folder then go to mage-events/single folder and paste the template file.

Now open the template file and change the icons. Now the plugin always loads this template file location_list.php from your theme folder. So this change will never be lost in any future update of the plugin.

You can follow this process to override any template files of the Woocommerce Event Manager Plugin.