Minimum Amount is a PRO feature.

To set up a minimum amount for deposit, go to Products-> Add New or edit the existing product page. And click the Deposit tab.

Minimum Amount Payment
Exclude this product:
Click on the checkbox if you want to apply a different deposit type to a single product. By default, it comes from global settings.

Enable Deposit: Click on the checkbox if you want to enable this feature for this product.

Deposit type: Select Minimum Amount from the dropdown list.

Deposit Value: Enter the value of the minimum amount. For example, The product price is $100. And you want customers to pay at least $20 out of $100 to place the order. Also, Customers can pay any range of amounts from $20 to $100.

And click on the publish/update button. That’s all.


Minimum Amount Partial Payment Output

You can buy the PRO plugin from this URL: Advanced – Deposit & Partial Payments for WooCommerce PRO


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