These Settings are PRO features.

  1. To customize the PDF settings, go to Bus-> Settings-> PDF Settings.
  2. To customize the Email settings, go to Bus-> Settings-> Email Settings.
  3. To customize the Ticket settings, go to Bus-> Settings-> Ticket Settings.
PDF Settings
PDF Settings

Send Ticket: If Yes, a PDF ticket will send as an attachment with the confirmation email.

PDF Library: If you want to use the mPDF library for the pdf ticket generating system, choose mPDF. By default is DomPDF.

Logo: Logo for the top of the PDF ticket. Example: company logo.

Background Image: Custom background image of PDF ticket.

PDF Background Color: Custom background color of PDF ticket.

PDF Text Color: Text color for PDF ticket.

Company Address: Enter business address for PDF ticket.

Company Phone: Enter your business phone number.

Company Email: Enter your business email.

Terms & Condition Title: Enter terms and condition title for PDF ticket. It will show on the ticket footer.

Terms & Condition Text: Enter the business terms and conditions custom text.

Send Email on: Send an email with the ticket as an attachment when the selected order status comes.

Email Subject: Enter the email subject when the passenger gets the email with the ticket.

Email Content: Enter the body text that will send to the passenger after purchasing the ticket.

Admin Notification Email: If admin wants notification when passenger purchases a ticket, enter here admin email.

Email From Name: The sender name of the email. Example: Business Name.

Email From Email: The sender email of the email. Example:

Enable Download Ticket: Show download ticket button to download ticket.

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