This shortcode will display the search form. If you want to show a search box somewhere on the homepage or any page, just put this shortcode there; it will print the bus search form.


To set the page to show the results, you must select the search result page. Go Bus->Settings-> General Settings-> Search Result Page and select the page from the dropdown list.

For example, we have created a page called Bus Search, where we want to display the search result. We have put there the bus search shortcode:


Without this shortcode, the result will not show.


Bus Search Page Shortcode

We’ll select the Bus Search page from settings and click on the Save Changes button.


Bus search page selection

Now the result will show on the Bus Search page.


If you want to show the result on the same page where the form is present, use this shortcode only:
This shortcode shows the search form and results on the same page.

Default Bus Search Form and Search List
Default Bus Search Form and Search List

To display the Search form in the Vertical view then use this Shortcode.

[bus-search style="vertical"]
Bus search form - vertical
Bus search form – vertical

To display the Search list in minimal view then use this Shortcode.

[bus-search theme="minimal"]
Bus search theme- minimal
Bus Search Theme- Minimal

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