Title and General Info

At first Go to: Transportation  > Add New Transportation. You can add title and general info in general info tab. In general info tab you see default specification of transportation as a dummy. You can update it or off by click on On/Off Feature button.


In date option there have two tabs one is “general”  and another is “Off  Days and dates”. In general  tab displays several options that can be set to suit your needs.

General tab: There are two options in date type one is Repeated and another is Particular. In repeated date have three fields Repeated Start Date, Repeated after and Maximum advanced day booking. And Particular date you can add multiple specific date.



Off  Days and dates: In this tab you can set specific day and dates off your service.


In pricing tab you can see single field name “Pricing based on” which contains four values. There are Distance, Duration/Time, Distance + Duration and Manual.  If you select distance then you’ll see another field and insert here per km price.  If you select duration/time then you’ll see another field and insert here per hour price. If you select distance + duration then you’ll see two fields and insert here per km + per hour price and here price calculation by addition of both distance and duration price. This three types also called dynamic transport and here price calculation depend on google map(find out distance and duration) and your input (per KM or per Hour price) value.

And last on is manual, if you select this option then you’ll see Manual Price option which contains start location, end location and price.

Extra Services

In Extra services tab you can add your transport extra service. By default you’ll see two field one is “On/Off Extra Service Settings”  which is by default enable and another is  “Select extra option “. If you want to extra service of your transport then you go to “Select extra option” field by keeping enable  “On/Off Extra Service Settings”.  In “Select extra option” select option field contains two values on is Custom and another is  Pre-defined Extra Services. By default select Custom value and you can add extra service with pricing and related option by clicking “Add Extra New Service” button. If you select “Pre-defined Extra Services” you’ll see extra service related dummy input. You can update this as your required.

You can off  your extra service by clicking on “On/Off Extra Service Setting” button.


And to see the end user transport rule click on the following links.

End user transport displaying rule